DNA is coming along. Natalie frogged hers and switched to larger needles, too, so I do not feel alone. I found a pattern for a lovely seed stitch beret, too (in the current Woman’s Day) which should go well with it. #1 daughter is in the frozen north (New York state) for the winter, so she will need both, I am sure.

The pattern for this cable is of course inspired by the double helix of DNA. I remember learning the exciting story of  Crick and Watson and their discovery in seventh grade. Not only is it a great story, but a handsome cable as well. But while working on it, I have wondered whether there aren’t other vocational cables around. Of course, the familiar cables are reminiscent of sailors — but why not  a musical staff for #2 daughter, or some chemical thing for son-in-law, who is engaged in the study of the chemistry of nuclear reactors? Have any of you seen such things? Or is anyone out there skillful enough to design such a thing, as June Oshiro did the DNA cable?

This sounds like a worthy project for some future life. Right now I feel a little too busy to attempt it. I have been trying to calculate how many things I can realistically knit as holiday gifts, in addition to finishing the anniversary quilt on time and making The Empress a chemise for the madrigal performances. Summer crafts — and winter ones, too, once the holidays are past — can expand to fill the time available. The fourth green sock, for example, is not causing me any anxiety at all. But can I plan to make things for all the folks on my gift list?

In the 19th century, well-brought-up girls did a certain number of inches of their knitting each day. So I could figure how many inches total I have planned, and divide that by the total number of days available, and knit that many inches each day.

Something to calculate, or at least contemplate, as we all join our president in his concern about those poor OB-GYNs who are not able to practice their love with women http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N06540712.htm . I gather that his concern is not with their need for reasonably-priced Viagra, but rather was intended as a dig at John Edwards, though news sources have said it is not possible to tell what he meant by that remark. Some have reported that he was “unfazed” by his faux pas; I think he must be used to this sort of thing by now, and may not even have noticed.