I organized the bathroom cabinets.

I was inspired by The Home Edit. The book is not very useful, but it did make me feel like taking steps. So after a day of building forms and writing blog posts, I spent much of the evening taking everything out, eliminating as much stuff as possible, and then organizing the items in containers.

I did a little actual cleaning — washed the swan collection and some shelves — but mostly it was just tidying.

There were some surprises. I had no idea how much toothpaste we had — 5 Mentadent refills and nearly a dozen travel tubes. We also have a lot more globe light bulbs than I knew. I bought one last week, not realizing that I had half a dozen.

But basically we ended up with containers for medications (Salonpas and Nyquil plus some bandaids), skin care, dental products, hair products, and lotions/travel bags. I have a couple of old plastic bins and several of the sturdy square-ish boxes Milano cookies come in. Those are awesome storage containers.

I have my workout clothes in a Vine tote. I’ll store toilet paper at the front of the lower cabinet. I keep make up in a drawer, and my husband has his drawer, which I left alone. It’s too intrusive to organize someone’s drawers.

I’m going to try to organize one area every day and take a picture. This could be a good 30 day challenge, right?