Today I intended to make a new top for the Baby and to work on #2 son’s GF’s shawl. In fact, I did errands and tidied stuff up quite a bit. I put the labels on the frdige and freezer containers… and bought a few more so I could use all the labels.

I had a nice orderly place to put the new groceries.

I put a Protein bin in the refrigerator freezer. I already had fruit and veg bins, but no labels.

Then I got to thinking about the kitchen cupboards. They were all tidy, but I thought it might be more logical to do it another way. Here’s the breakfast cupboard, with hot cereals, dried fruit, high protein pancake mix, and syrup.

Next up, the baking cupboard. Not so attractive, but orderly.

That leaves the last cupboard pretty miscellaneous. I shall think about this one. It’s not dinner ingredients, which seems the most logical thing. Since dinner is generally just meat and veg, there’s not a  lot of dinner ingredients to put in the cupboard.

I started the Baby’s new top, but I couldn’t get the sewing machine to work right. Tangled bobbin thread, and I don’t know how to fix it.

I finished the first chart for the Geo-Snow shawl. A productive day, even if it wasn’t what I planned.