This is the second sleeve of the #2 daughter Christmas sweater reknit. The timing on this is not great — it would have been better if I had knitted it the right size in the first place. However, I’m making pretty good time.

I’ve done 21 hours at the computer in the past two days, plus meetings and appointments, of which I now have half a dozen for the week.

I was very bad at the Timing thing yesterday and so far today, and I think I’ve learned something about my eating habits.

I start the day working far too often, for one thing, and might be at the computer for a couple of hours before I eat instead of the desirable 30 minutes of working out followed by a balanced breakfast.

Still, I have breakfast around 7:00 and then plunge into work and around 2:00 I get lunch. That is 7 hours, not 2-4. So I am not hungry at dinner time and am just as likely to scramble an egg as to cook something filled with veggies. Then in the evening when I should not be eating, I’m hungry, and I eat random things like cheese and crackers.

I would have said that this pattern is something that occasionally happens, but it has happened twice so far this week while I was paying attention… except that I was paying attention, so I now have a nice salmon, lentil, and arugula dinner and will not be hungry at 8:30. IMG_0430

That’s the plan.