My husband and I went to the Evil Palace of Books, where we bought stuff to study this summer, and thence to the Farmers Market, where we bought strawberries and bok choy and various lettuces and peas and potatoes and onions and herbs and cabbage and bread and salsa and various other stuff I can’t recall at the moment.

The market is now so crowded that they’ve expanded it out into the streets and you have to go with the flow of traffic, counterclockwise or widdershins around the square. The Old Post Office is occupied by a cupcake bakery now, and you can buy everything from bison meat to yarn (though my husband said, “What are you looking at? You already have yarn” when I went to pet the alpaca. Fortunately, it was all in camel shades, which wouldn’t have suited me anyway.

I dropped my husband and the produce off at home and went on to Tuesday Morning, where I did in fact buy yarn while #2 daughter told me funny stories over the phone.

So I have quite a lot of varying shades of pink Aran weight yarn. I think there’s enough Rustic for a blush sweater with a cinnamon and salmon yoke, enough Rustic for a sweater for one of my daughters, and enough Esquel for a hefty shawlette.

Home, then, and back to quilting. I am hoping to take the Little Girl’s quilt to her at #1 daughter’s pool party on Monday.