I made this dish, Toad in the Hole, for breakfast meeting this morning.

“This is Toad in the Hole,” I said. “It comes from England.”

#1 son assured me that there was nothing in that description that would make someone want to eat it. I saw his point.

It’s sausage links. You brown them and heat up the baking dish, lay the sausages in, and then pour in a Yorkshire pudding batter. The heat makes it puff up even though it has no leavening.

Kind of pretty. Essentially it’s sausage in bread.

I made zucchini frittata as well, and got some doughnuts. Nice breakfast.

We had a good meeting, covering a lot of ground. At one point, I got stressed about the time pressure. #1 son told me that my stress was contagious. I took a deep breath and we carried on.

A good meeting, all in all.

I worked intensely for the rest of the day but it is Friday night and I am not going to work any more. I am going to knit. That is all.

Oh, I’ll clean the kitchen, but otherwise… it’s a Knit Night.