This pretty well sums up my experience of Tampa. I spent many hours in airports and on airplanes, stepped outside the airport and was caressed by warm scented breezes, got into the hotel shuttle, and entered a fairly ordinary hotel. There I stayed, apart from urban walks and rides to a couple of restaurants after dark, till it was time to get back into the shuttle/airport/airplane experience.

I have no clear idea of Tampa.

However, it was a great conference. I have been running from pillar to post ever since I got back and still have work to catch up on today, but I intend at some point to settle down with my notes and identify action items.

In other news, I did not of course complete a piece for my SWAP this week, and won’t, since I have to work all day. We are anticipating an ice storm, I hear. And I probably need to clean and do grocery shopping somewhere in all the work-related stuff I need to do.