I’ve long admired Alice Starmore’s Tudor Roses. I will probably never knit anything from it, so I haven’t seriously thought of buying it in the past, but they recently brought out a new, much cheaper version, so I snapped it up. The patterns are not, I think, really about knitting and wearing. There are lots of technical challenges, which expert knitters will certainly welcome. But still… Here’s a pretty textured knit, turned horrific in the featured photo A sweater which would probably always look like a costume. A masterpiece of colorwork which will make the wearer look like a refrigerator, however slim. A refrigerator with oddly emphasized breasts. No, this isn’t really about knitting. It’s about history. The women, the Tudor Roses, are portrayed in knitted historic interpretations. Starmore’s daughter Jade has written up diary entries for each of the women. These are the women around Henry VIII: his grandmothers, his mother and sister, his six wives, and his daughters. There is a biography of each and some thoughtful writing about what their lives might have been like. Women were chosen to play each of these historical women, and dressed and styled to create sometimes grotesque photos. Each sweater is truly a statement piece. People will remember each one.