Tuesday April 10, 2007

This is, in theory, my second week of working from home. It is the second week that the store has been closed and I have not had to open and close and be there all day. However, I have spent much of most days since then on school visits or packing the old store, and one full day at the new store. The kids and my husband have had days off and been at home with me, and I have yet to get an office space set up.

Today may be the day. I have been having technological problems. I brought a computer home from work. This seemed essential because that computer has all my files of press releases, workshops, book reviews, and so forth, and is a Mac, so that just moving the files to my PC at home was not practical. Also, though right now my kids are gone for eight hours at school and I can just work while they’re gone, if I am still doing this in the summer I will need a door to close. Even now, there are times when I would like to be able to check something or follow up on something after they have come home and begun playing World of Warcraft, so it would be good to have both computers online. We have not yet figured out how to get the Mac online.

However, I think I will like working from home a lot. I can be productive during all my work time. I can — once I recuperate fully — work from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and then go to the Pilates class before resuming work. I can put dinner together during a tea break. I can have some flexibility on time in general for the first time in years. I can, when I have to do things like fold flyers for three hours, sit on the sofa and watch Hamish Macbeth while I do it.

I like what I am doing, too. A lot of it is research and writing, which has always been a favorite set of work activities for me. I have sufficient human contact and sufficient manual labor. Even in my computer work, there is a high level of variety, and so far no sign that I will run out of things to do.

There is even feedback in my current work at home, in addition to paychecks. When I found yesterday that a Google search for “county X teacher resources” brought the store blog up as the #1 hit, I was quite thrilled. We do not yet have floods of online orders, but we are steadily moving up the search engines, so it is surely only a matter of time.

Hard to see the downside, even though I have found myself saying “Shut up, darling, I’m working” a few times. I keep thinking of a short story I read some years ago. It was the story of a writer who, irritated by continual interruptions, finally does away with some people who drop by. The last line was “After all, it’s only them.” Or something like that. But Miss Manners points out that people who work in offices love to be interrupted. So I am cultivating that attitude. And hooking up the computer that is in a room with a door ought to solve that small issue anyway.

Today I have school visits at some distance — more country drives. And perhaps arranging my office. And possibly a visit to the cable provider with hardware questions. Certainly research and writing. A press release and some marketing pieces.

I plan  to enjoy it. I hope you enjoy your day, too.






3 responses to “Tuesday April 10, 2007”

  1. Kali_Mama Avatar

    It all sounds so perfect! Huzzah! (That’s my commenting word today.)

  2. Kali_Mama Avatar

    Hey, I just gave you a Thinking Blogger Award on my site. So now it’s your turn to share the love, if you want.

  3. sighkey Avatar

    I have also discovered working from home is good when I can get away from the office. Can’t do it much during the semester because I have at least one timetabled, inflexible, meeting hour every day of 4 days of the week (I did make a point of keeping Wed free of meetings so I can work at home then sometimes even during the semester) It’s so nice not to have people wanting to see, talk and complain to you. It will be a little trickier for you when the kids are home for the summer break so you probably need to work out the ground rules now. Having time to yourself, even if it is working time, is a tremendous health benefit, enjoy it – it’s hard to give up once you get used to it.