Something I forgot to mention, and I have not seen it mentioned anywhere else either…

The folks who recently — and unsuccessfully — sued Dan Brown (author of The Da Vinci Code) were three men who wrote a “sensationalist but historically discredited” book called Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Their names are Lincoln, Leigh, and Baigent. The expert character in The Da Vinci Code who explains such utter falsehoods as that the Emperor Constantine decided what books would be in the New Testament is named Leigh Teabing — Teabing of course being an anagram of Baigent. I keep waiting for the author of the book I am reading to mention this, but he never does, though I am sure he must have noticed it.

I did a history workshop yesterday. I was in a local city which has a bit of a rivalry with the town where I live, and occasionally forgot and mentioned my city as though it were the center of the universe, or at least the county seat (which it is). I think they forgave me, though. They didn’t want to be at an after-school inservice to begin with, so I threw in a cheesy joke early on. I pointed out that we have the most exciting state history around. We have pirates, duels, murders, bandits, and wars — and that is just the government!

True, all true. And yet it is still a cheesy joke. However, it got their attention, and things went well from then on. I told them some of the most exciting stories from our state history, and not just the bloodthirsty ones, either. Our computer had crashed at work, so I did not have handouts for them, and it was too short for make-and-take, so storytelling had to be the keystone of the thing. Fortunately, we have a lot of good stories.



My copy of Moll Flanders, the book for this month at Knit the Classics, has not yet arrived, but the Netflix of the movie came yesterday, so I watched it.

It was quite a good movie, and confirmed my choice of the Regal Orchid Jasmine for the April KTC piece. The rich boldness of the color, the humble cotton yarn enlivened with a shining thread, the simple shape of the sweater with its saucy lace insertions. And I am making it for a friend, and friendship is a central theme — at least of the movie version.


This is Jasmine from Elsebeth Lavold’s Summer Breeze Collection, in Endless Summer’s Luna, on #2 needles. This is the picture from the book (or, more properly, from Lavold’s web gallery).

CAP conference today, UMW meeting tonight. I will be skipping class for that meeting tonight, and will skip the gym this morning in order to finish hemming and clean house. If I am enormously efficient, I may get into the garden as well. Or if the weather is so lovely that I cannot resist.

We are having some suspense about whether #2 daughter will be able to get home for Easter or not. Anyone out there coming south from Kansas City this weekend?