I sent off my federal taxes yesterday; I’m not sure I can afford the state taxes, so I’m waiting to see if any checks arrive between now and the 15th. #1 daughter also made me a report on our first quarter. The business is doing well, but when I look at my income from last year, after expenses, and the “retained income” or the amount I’ve kept this year, I see that I don’t really earn all that much, personally. Less than my daughters, I think. And then I pay half of it for my sons’ tuition.

I’m not complaining. I’m earning more than I ever have before, and I’m very grateful to be able to pay the boys’ tuition. When #2 son was home, he mentioned that we seemed to “have a lot more flexibility” than he could remember us ever having before. And I’m making some investments in my business that will, I think, pay off in the long run. However, I thought I was doing well on the billable hours, and I would actually have earned more last year if I had done 40 hours a week at oDesk, at my lowest rate. This means that I still had a LOT of unbillable hours.

And then my husband told me that he wants to visit his country. I resisted the temptation to point out that I still haven’t scraped together enough to get my dental work done. I also resisted the temptation to suggest that he start saving up for it. I’d like him to be able to visit his country, after all. I’d even like to go, too. It felt like a problem for me to solve, though.

Since I’d paid large sums of money for taxes, and also gotten #2 son’s FAFSA papers (they’re “verifying” his information, whatever that means, so we still don’t know what we have to come up with for his tuition last year), and also had a brief and unsatisfactory conversation with #1 son on why he hasn’t done his FAFSA yet (“There are a lot of things I should do that I haven’t done,” he snapped) — well, it was sort of dispiriting to add that to my list of things I’m supposed to sort out.