4 We had a glorious spring day yesterday. I took Spicer (that’s the bolster-like Corgi) on a walk through the fields and she positively romped.

This is news, because when Spicer first came to us, she waddled along and could really only get to the corner before beginning to look as though she thought someone should pick her up and carry her the rest of the way.

My fitness level is not improving like Spicer’s, but she gives me inspiration. If a sedentary girl like that can progress to romping through the fields, I can probably stave off decrepitude a bit longer.

The weather has been so odd that we haven’t planted anything yet, but we have had our first harvest anyway.

My husband brought this bunch of thyme in and hung it up to dry, and also cut a whole bunch of lavender branches. No flowers yet, of course, but at least we have some green things in the house.

 I had thought I would go to the Farmer’s Market today for some plants, but the weather is still too unsettled to be planting things.4

Indeed, my life is unsettled. I have a variety of unsettlednesses which I haven’t mentioned here, and probably won’t until they get settled.

But I looked this morning at my goals for the year, and I have to say that I am not making much progress on any of them.

It is possible to move the target, of course, so that our random sallies look as though they are getting closer. I could decide that my goals for this year were things like “Work lots of extra hours with no discernible benefit to anyone” or “Gain many new skills which may or may not be of any use in the future” or “Do many things no one else wants to do.” Then I would be right on track.

 I did finish the quilting of the table runner last night. This picture doesn’t show you the quilting, or the completed runner, because I have not bound it. I haven’t bound it because, 4as you can see, I am several inches short of having enough binding.

I tried to find a suitable fabric from which to cut new binding, without success. So I will have to buy another package of binding for the few remaining inches.

To assuage my disappointment at Still Not Finishing Anything This Year, I photographed the runner with the pitcher of lavender branches on it to show how perfect it will be in this room when and if I ever finish it. 

I sound a little bad-tempered today, don’t I? I’ll be up at the store all day. I have a lot to do before I leave, and then I go immediately to class. Maybe Thrilling Adventures will take place along the way.

Maybe I just need another cup of tea.