I’ve gotten back to the knitting of the T-shirt. Here is the front, 33 rows above the hem. It is still knitting up unevenly, but no doubt it will even out in the wash, as EZ said. I am not one of these knitters who complains about stockinette, since knitting great swathes of stockinette always provides plenty of opportunity to read, but I am finding myself in a bit of a hurry over this because I want to begin the colorwork. I printed out a chart from KnitPro and found, though the image was black and white to begin with, that the chart is in multiple shades of gray. Of course, since I only have two colors, I will most likely call all the white squares background color and everything else contrast color, but it seems to me that some of the background has come out gray too, and that the variations offer interesting possibilities. I could pick up a couple more skeins of this stuff and play around with multiple colors.

At work, I am unpacking books, laying some aside for review and some for specific individuals, and then fitting all the rest onto the shelves, a process which requires a lot of rearranging. All in all, this is a pleasant and mentally restful task, which leaves lots of time for thinking about colors. So I am considering what background color to use for my Windblown Squares quilt (sage green? white? natural muslin?) and what to do with the T-shirt when the time comes to begin the colorwork.

Today, however, I must go to the doctor for another blood test and a fresh round of debate on the wisdom of taking medication. I have lunch plans with La Bella, and after work, a class for which I have done absolutely none of the homework. Of course, there is no grade or consequence of any kind, but I do feel a certain responsibility anyway. So the question arises: do I knit at the doctor’s office, thus moving myself further toward the colorwork, or do I work on the homework, in spite of the likelihood that I will still not complete it? The fact that I am even giving any time to this question reflects the fact that I am not allowed to have any tea this morning. First I have two mornings in a dormitory which is unequipped with tea, and now I have fasting bloodwork and am not allowed to have my morning tea. Whither civilization?