Happy almost Earth Day!

Let me take you along with me on a walk, in honor of the occasion.

This is one of our civilized city walks. We’re working on getting the whole town connected by nice walking and biking paths like these. We started with just a few trails, and we’re gradually connecting them all. It’s wonderful, and handy for a town with very limited public transportation.

#2 son can easily bike to work along this path.

I took Toby the dog with me, and he had a high old time.

The town is still showing signs of the ice storm — so many trees were broken or killed that we’re not the usual cloud of blossoming trees, but we still have dogwoods and redbuds and bradford pears and honey locusts. A few magnolias.

I had class yesterday morning, followed by a meeting with a new prospective client. I think she might be our May website. I then met with Janalisa for lunch and a bit of business talk. She’s doing a survey. She sent me her list of subjects last night, and I think we have a nice collection. I’m very curious to see her results, actually.

She may also bring in the May website. And #2 daughter is also doing a bit of a project, and she might be the one to bring in the May website. She’s also following up with prospects (something we don’t usually do), and that is probably the most likely path to the May website.

Of course, the best thing would be for us to bring in the May, June, and July websites, respectively.  

This morning I got up early to play with my new software. I get sent a lot of software to review, and frankly I don’t usually think it’s likely to interest you, so I don’t bother telling you about it.

This time, though, I’ve received PrintMaster, which I think is the update for the old PrintShop.

Are you old enough to remember Print Shop? It was seriously fun, as I recall, so I was excited about this new one. And I was right to be. It is even more seriously fun, because computers can do so much more these days than they used to be able to do. It’s like Photoshop (which I own and love) for people without the skills and talent to use Photoshop.

So I’ve been enjoying playing with it. I laid out a brochure we’ve been planning to make as soon as we could afford it. However, this program is a toy, not a serious thing, so you can’t save your project as a pdf file or indeed as anything useful. You can save it as a jpg, which of course is useful for many things, but not for brochures. I believe that you can go to the PrintMaster web service and have your brochure printed by them, and I’ll look into that, and you can print it out yourself at home, but it’s probably not going to be a substitute for our graphic design people.

If you want to be able to make cool labels for your CDs, digital scrapbook pages, calendars for your friends, and stuff like that, you should certainly consider this program. It’s super easy to use, contains lots of clip art, and has a nice little instruction book.