Yesterday I taught my class, did updates to a website, sent the weekly report to The Northerners, and met for four hours with the client who wants to collaborate.

That meeting went well, actually. She was happy with the results, and gave me a hug when she left, and she clearly understands that extra time is on her dime. We had a little email exchange with The Computer Guy in the midst of it all, and we all seem to be on the same page.

She’s a home stager, which is someone who helps you fix up your house so that people will buy it from you. She offered to give me advice about my house. I’m not selling anything, so I don’t need the advice, but I recognized that desire to give advice. I like to give advice, too.

“I’d have to get rid of all the electronic stuff and musical instruments,” I said.

She agreed. I’d also have to pack up the books. The goal, you see, is to get the personal touch out of the house. It should look as much like a hotel as possible. “You have to know the purpose of the room,” she said. “Is it a music room, or an office, or a library, or a living room?” I assured her that it was all those things, and agreed that it was unfortunate.

We had a good time. I tried to resist apologizing for my house too much. I don’t go around correcting people’s grammar, or even thinking about it, so I figure she doesn’t go around thinking about how people’s houses are, though I did assure her that I was expecting to be able to clean house sometime around the second week in May. Maybe I ought to hire someone.

The new designer sent a contract and professes himself ready to begin today. I’ll have to get said contract signed and back to him from the client, but we may get that page done briskly. And a client for whom I did a strategy report a few months ago came back with an offer for a six-month contract, so there again, if he signs, I’ve got another nice gig.

I went to the gym, knitted, folded laundry, and read. Altogether, I did eight billable hours and one unbillable, had gym time and proper meals, and relaxed in the evening. Quite a normal day.

The meeting went so late that I had a good excuse to miss the party last night that I didn’t want to attend. I often don’t want to attend parties, and often if I go ahead and go to them, I have fun, so I usually just steel myself and go. Well, maybe not usually, but half the time, certainly.

This was a party for the Master Chorale. It was a farewell to our esteemed conductor, and for that reason I would have liked to have gone. There are also several people of whom I’m fond in that group, whom I don’t see apart from rehearsals.

It was better to stay home. I now have Monday evenings free. Remind me not to schedule anything else on Monday evenings.

I’m planning a vacation for July. I’ve been invited to sing at a folk music gathering, and they’ve sent me a ticket, so I’ll be going to stay with my old college friend for a week in Southern California. Should be fun.