During my knitting time I have been concentrating intently on the intarsia. There’s all the suspense: have I decided correctly which gray squares should count as black and which as white? did I start early enough to fit the entire pattern on  the T-shirt before I reach the neckline? will it ever quit looking like an animal face?

So today I thought I might glance at the pattern. Behold: I have gone 2″ past the point at which I should have begun the armscye.

Has it sunk in? I now must not only pull out about a dozen rows of careful colorwork, but must also then try to figure out where exactly I am on the chart. Don’t tell me I can count the rows and then count back on the chart! The time for talk of counting is past! Had I been able to count, I would not now be in this difficulty! It is now time for shouting and unreasonableness!

I have considered some possible solutions. I could pull out the back and redo it (since it does not have any colorwork) making it a couple of inches longer. I could cut the armholes where I should have decreased them. I could go ahead and do them now, and let the front be a couple of inches longer than the back. I would pretend that it was a new style. I could ease the front and back together during seaming, pretending that it was a new style.

We all know that I will have to frog two inches of my intarsia. Sigh. This is probably my comeuppance for sitting at the wondow enjoying the spring sunshine, knitting, and playing with my new CD burner, when I should have been doing housework.