Here’s my lettuce crop.

This means lovely salads every day.

I just pick leaves, rather than pulling up the plants, so there’s always lots more, and will be till it gets too hot.

The great thing is that this is the direct result of my having been too lazy last year and allowing the lettuce to bolt — that is, to produce flowers and seeds.

It all just came up all by itself this year.

True, there are some lost lettuces elsewhere in the garden, as in the picture below, but it’s not as though that part of the garden was busy producing anything else besides weeds.

In fact,  my gardens have reverted to jungle.

The roses are downright scary. Think Sleeping Beauty’s thorn thicket.

I had eight billable hours yesterday, counting another four hour meeting with the client who wants to write her own stuff. She wants me to type it for her and correct the errors, which I’m happy to do, and give occasional suggestions, but mostly she wants me to tell her that it’s good. Which it isn’t. So I’m trying to be nice. This is costing her a lot of money. I’m not sure what to do with her. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

The new designer sent over a mock-up of Client #3’s new homepage. I hope she likes it. I’d like to get her up and running. I’d like to get everyone up and running. Remember my workflow diagram? I have lots of work coming in, from all directions. Work is piling up in the green box and spilling all over the floor. In one month, I’ll also be teaching five mornings a week. I’m planning a vacation in July. Then I have three classes in the fall.

So I’ve decided to quit doing things designed to increase my workflow. Not that I’ve done many of those, because, well, I have eight billable hours a day, and work is splashing all over the pale green boxes.

However, it’s scary to think of not trying to increase my workflow, because I have to pay tuitions and stuff, and what if no one ever wants me to do any work for them ever again? I mean, as soon as I get all the extra work sopped up and completed and dry the floor.

On the other hand, it’s also scary to think of having so much work splashing about that I fail to complete it within a reasonable length of time, and everybody gets mad at me.

However, at this rate I’ll be able to have my dental work done. A year or two ago my dentist told me I had to have some stuff done, and my insurance will pay 80% of it, but the only place in town which does this work requires full payment up front. So I have been trying to save up this unimaginable amount of money ever since, without success.

It could happen. And, if work continues at the same rate it is now and I don’t drown in it, I will also be able to pay the boys’ tuitions. These things could happen.

On the other hand, I sternly remind myself, I could also lose all my income sources and starve in the gutter.

I don’t know why I need to remind myself of this, exactly. To avoid smugness, maybe.