Yesterday was a somewhat dismal day. I made the changes Client #2 requested, applied for a job or two, and then went up and took inventory. I pointed out to The Empress that is was very likely that neither of us would ever have to take inventory again, unless of course I end up in one of those jobs #1 daughter is suggesting for me.

I may not have mentioned that #2 daughter told me I should just go around to all the retail places and fill out applications. She didn’t see why I haven’t done this yet. I pointed out that I had done all the bookstores, and no one had wanted me, but it is true that I haven’t applied at Wal-Mart.

Next came a meeting, which was pleasant and productive, and one of the participants told me about the university’s temp agency, which probably would not throw me out. I came home and planted squash with my husband, waged war with caterpillars, knitted, and went to bed.

There is an English teaching job being offered, but tomorrow is the closing date and they require transcripts and multiple letters of recommendation and stuff, so it is pretty nearly impossible for me to meet that date. I intend to fax the application and my resume up, at least.

The thing about teaching jobs, apart from my ambivalence about returning to the classroom, is that they won’t begin until August. I really don’t want to be unemployed till then. And this particular one is in the next county to the north. I really don’t want to drive there every day.

It has been two weeks since I lost my job. I’ve done some freelance work during that time, for which I am very likely to be paid at some point, and I’ve applied for a bunch of jobs — all of the kind that involve a long committee process. I have had to give up the fantasy of having someone call me up and offer me a job starting right away.

I have a possible Client #3 on the horizon, and I think it likely that Client #2 has more work for me. I will go today and sign up for the substitute teaching list, and also for the university temp bureau.

Unless of course I need to go up to the store and do inventory again. Which is possible.