Since I am halfway finished with the sleeves of Erin, I have naturally begun to think about what I might knit next.

Not that it will be any time in the next few days that I finish Erin. I have the sleeves to do, and there is actually a bit of the back left, for complex reasons that made perfect sense at the time, and then I have to sew things together and there are the button bands and the finishing. It will probably be the end of May before I finish it.

It is not to soon to start thinking about what I will make next, though. I enjoy ruminating on these things.

I have a large quantity of laceweight yarn which I had intended to use for a cardigan from Lacy Little Knits, but which turned out to be way too lightweight for the pattern. So last night — after a frolicsome day of taking inventory — I surfed around the knitting blogs looking for things people were making from laceweight yarn.

Shawls, that’s what. And not very many of those. When some preliminary looking around turned up nothing, I went ahead and did a Google blog search and then went to Ravelry, and you can indeed find a few shawls around. Mostly, however, people who are writing about laceweight yarn — and there are lots of them — are just writing about the yarn. They are spinning it, selling it, buying it, and admiring it. They are not knitting with it. I’m not sure what to conclude from this.

I also have some Telemark wool, probably enough for a sweater, though June is not exactly prime time to start another wool sweater.

And I have some cotton, though not enough for a sweater.

I am not feeling very inspired, and my visit to the blogs didn’t inspire me, either. However, I should have time to think about it today. I may have to go back up and do inventory some more today. I have some jobs to apply for, and plan to put my name on the sub list for the local school district. But if I am not doing inventory, I will be going to the gym and cleaning house. Either way, I should have time to contemplate shawls.