Thank you all for your sympathy and good suggestions.

Yesterday’s packing of the store ran into problems — namely, a lack of boxes to pack in. I packed all the available boxes, then went home, got the site map generator going (I finally verified my site with Google, so I am trying that again), put The Joy Luck Club in the DVD player, and folded flyers for a few hours. Then I had a call from The Empress suggesting that I bring a carful of packed boxes up to the other store and unpack them, as there was no other way I was going to get any more boxes.

This I did.

I have to say that I am surprised that I am the only one packing up the old store. I just don’t think of it as a one-person job. However, I can pack up a carload of boxes in a couple of hours, drive it up and unpack it and put the stuff away and load the car with empty boxes and drive back down in another couple of hours, and still have time to repeat the process.

Today, I will also have to do school visits and fold the flyers for tomorrow’s round of school visits, and will need to change clothes in between that and the moving, and I am obviously not getting the time to do my link management. Nor my e-mail newsletter. Nor the things I normally do at work at the beginning of the month.

It will all work out.

40207 009 This is an intersection near my house, and also therefore near the old store.

Broken nails from all this manual labor also in photo, though not the main point.





This is an intersection twelve miles away near the new store.40207 008

There is a big difference in traffic, distance, and the level of charm in the two locations. In theory, I will be there on Fridays, but in fact I have been there both days I have worked since my store closed.

I am having some trouble maintaining a positive attitude, in spite of the very strong cold medicine I bought myself yesterday.

We did get the FAFSA corrected, we hope, and I will send it in today and hope that it is not too late.

I am also snapping at my children. Is there a kinder way to say, “I’m sick, you are lucky you’re getting anything for breakfast, leave me alone”?

Oh, and the site map. It took 9 hours. Then it disappeared. I don’t know what to do next. But see “It will all work out” above. Transitions are always challenging.

Now, just in case you were hoping for knitting content, here is a link to a typical 1950s outfit knitted entirely from plastic grocery bags. You can tell that this is art, rather than craft, because it cannot be worn or used in any way, and is not even particularly attractive, but rather is a complete waste of many hours of good knitting. If it had been knitted up in some nice cotton or silk, it would have been useful and pretty, and would therefore have fallen out of the category of art.

I already admitted I was feeling snappish.