Do you ever wonder how you get on mailing lists?

Oh, not in a “Where do babies come from?” way. We all know that our names and addresses get sold. For some businesses, that’s their main source of revenue.

But I do sometimes wonder how I get onto particular mailing lists. Like, why do I get catalogs filled with garments that are easy to put on and special tools to help people with limited mobility? Or the Pyramid Collection?

The Pyramid Collection appeared in my mailbox yesterday, filled with things like corsets with buckles and  shoes with purple spider webs, not to mention vampire-themed sunglasses and vibrating briefs.

What have I done to give their marketing department the idea that I’m a likely purchaser of skull and roses rainboots?

Speaking of marketing, I met with the marketing team of a local nonprofit that supports cancer  treatment and research. I was getting them up to speed on using social media. It was very fun. For one thing, I tend to forget, now that I’ve been doing it for a while, just how specialized my field is. Things that I think of as very basic information were completely new and exciting to the members of the committee.

One of my favorite moments was when a glamorous young redhead squealed, “Oooh! I love to geek out like this!” Really, anything I can do to encourage this attitude among young women has to be a good thing.

I don’t think that, had I accessorized my sober pants and jacket with fantasy pirate gear, I would have been taken as seriously. It just wasn’t that kind of party