I still don’t have a designer, but a local competitor of both mine and The Computer Guy’s said she’d give me an  estimate and The Art Teacher said he’d see if he could hunt up a student for me. So it could happen.

Last night we had rehearsal with the symphony conductor. We did a bit better than we had with the conductor of the National Symphony. 

The photo on the left is our choirmaster for this concert, our beloved conductor, who is going home to Canada this summer, never to return. On the right is the poster for the concert, with the symphony conductor Photoshopped up as Brahms.

Our conductor leads us with an air of fastidious courtesy throughout. He tells us to use intervals from “O, Canada,” and that’s as far as he goes with a joke.  He stops us occasionally for quiet little chats about what Brahms might have had in mind. “We know,” he’ll say gently, “that Brahms knew how to write a crescendo, and yet here he didn’t write one. What can we conclude from that?”

The symphony conductor sweated and scowled. His shirt came untucked. He mopped his brow. He hunched his back and bent his knees and swooped up again. He conducted the piano with ferocity, which must have been a new experience for the accompanist. He told us stories about WWII to illustrate his points.

I don’t know what an augmented sixth is, but from now on I will associate it with the invasion of Poland.

The concert should be good.

Today I have meetings. Yesterday I got a reasonable number of hours in for The Computer Guy and The Northerner, and I’ll be continuing with them today. Also with the search for a crew to get Client #3’s new page done. I never did get to my GTD yesterday, but it could happen today. I also have to order a birthday cake for #1 son. His birthday is usually so close to Easter that he has a couple of times in the past ended up with an Easter cake, and has taken it hard. Therefore, even though he is 20 tomorrow and also doesn’t like sweets, it is very important that I get him a proper birthday cake. I’ve been informed that the boys expect Easter baskets, too. This may not be a realistic expectation on their part.

Oh — the client who gave me imperfect feedback last time, and whose work I feared would be so late (what with the time difference) that he would give me even lower marks? Remember him? He gave me perfect feedback this time, and a testimonial nice enough that I put it on my website. He didn’t even need any changes. Nonetheless, this experience will help me remember to check time zones before I say when I’m going to deliver.