Last night I was working on Salt Peanuts when I came to a section int he instructions that says to fit in a couple of short rows “about every four rows.” There’s a bunch of “about” in this section, which is the collar. I don’t mind “about” instructions, but this is one side of the collar and it’s supposed to match the other side.

It’s hard enough for me to match the sides when there are actual specific instructions, let alone when it’s full of “about.”

I ended up pulling out about five inches of it and starting again. We’ll see what happens.

My office space is working out well.  #1 son can play piano and watch TV. All the animals come hang out in here with me, for some reason, but they’re quiet.

I’m gradually bringing stuff in, “stuff” so far being my box of current files and the swaybacked top section of the ancient desk I was using.

“Ancient” is the wrong word. If it were actually ancient, it would be better. It’s about fifteen years old, though, and it was a cheap prefab computer desk to begin with, so its keyboard tray falls out.

We have three other desks in the house, including the one I’m using now, and all of them are hand-me-downs or curbside rescues. The current one doesn’t fall apart while in use, but it also doesn’t have a file drawer. Someday when I don’t have tuition and dentist bills, I’ll get a new desk.

Today I have to go get a crown, speaking of dental bills. The appointment is quite early, so it won’t have time to ruin my day beforehand. It may ruin my day after. I don’t know. I’d rather not find out, but that isn’t an option.