#2 daughter heads off to school today. Not actually in an ocean liner like this, although that would be glamorous. My husband is driving her up, and then turning around and coming right back.

This is the official end of summer. Even though we are in the dog days, as far as weather is concerned, summer as a season is over. We will live through the remaining days of Back to School, and then go right ahead and have fall in defiance of the weather.

Here is the Lotus shawl. You can see the front at the top of the picture and the back at the bottom, but you can’t really see it clearly enough to matter. The left front of Brooklyn is finished. So at the dentist today, will I work on the epic knitting or cast on for the right front? Decisions, decisions.

I have made it through the Knitting Bloggers webring, so I now know everyone out there. A final few more suggestions for your reading pleasure:

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