#2 daughter and I went to the LYS last night. I was not able to buy more of the same size dpns I was using — apparently, 2.5s are no longer made. I was not that surprised. I bought instead a set of 2s in bamboo. I have never used bamboo before, although I have used rosewood crochet hooks and enjoyed them. So I think I will use the circular 2.5 down to the ankle and then shift to the 2 dpns, hoping that there will be no obvious demarcation. If that doesn’t work, I will frog them and start over — unless I find the missing dpn.

I also bought the Fibertrends clog pattern and a couple of skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Blue Blood Red. I have enormous needles which I had never used before, and this is my chance to try them out.

This is a new departure for me. I have seen pictures of these all over the web, all looking great, so I am not worried. However, I do feel as though I am knitting for Sasquatch. There was a lady at the LYS knitting a bag for felting. It looked like a bag for Sasquatch. Enormous, and very loosely knit. I don’t really like the chunky knit look, and if it weren’t intended for felting, you’d have to say the gauge was all wrong for the yarn. But I can now see the charm of huge needles. Namely, that you make progress very quickly. If the clogs turn out to be wonderful, I will make them for Christmas gifts. Otherwise, I will just keep a pair for myself, knowing that no matter what they look like, I will be thankful for them in January.

#2 daughter leaves today to go back to college. I will miss her. There were a lot of things we meant to do this summer that we never got around to. While I feel a little regret for that, it also means that we still have stuff we want to do together next time she’s home. This morning, we will need to get her started on a new knitting project for the bus. She is thinking of making the Aran scarf from Gift Knits. Scarves, she points out, can be done while doing homework.