Fitting Things In

Here’s a nice normal lunch of sandwich (cut in thirds as I see the bento crew doing in their pictures), fruit, and squash, plus a square of dark chocolate, not fitting into my bento box.

That was fine for experimental purposes, since I merely made the lunch and “served” it in the compartments. I need to get into the habit of fixing it in the morning, though, since classes start next week.

Last night, I made couscous and steak and peppers, thinking the leftovers would be perfect in a bento box, but #1 son ate it all. I’m glad he liked it.

#2 daughter is also bento boxing, since she too finds herself turning to fast food when time is short, and she has a two-tier box (so that she can actually pack in all three compartments), but she still says she doesn’t have enough room. #1 daughter says the portions are correct: 1 cup and two half cups. However, she works for a weight-loss system company, so she may not count.

On the other hand, I could definitely benefit from weight loss, so perhaps she’s right. This lady’s lunch doesn’t look skimpy. She has quick, practical suggestions for packing your lunches, as opposed to the art focus often found. And here is a place with lots of bento gear, and they say they’re discreet, in case you don’t want it widely known that you bought a pink bento box featuring the popular robot cat from the future.

I packed my husband’s sandwich, chips, and piece of fruit in a 9″x5″ Tupperware box this morning, wanting to include him in the bento boxing experience at least slightly, but he took it apart and put everything into sandwich bags so he could fit it in his pockets, which is probably just as good.  In his country, they carry these things, which we call tiffin boxes here in the U.S. You take it apart and there’s your rice, meat, soup, vegetables, and whatnot, all in separate metal bowls. You spread them around yourself while the bento box people with their wee rice balls and apple slices cut into bird shapes look at you enviously.

I had many exciting work-related adventures yesterday, including a slightly testy-sounding email from The Computer Guy (whose iron self-control doesn’t allow such things normally) saying that since he hadn’t gotten a response to his email, he assumed we hadn’t received it (which is humorous coming from someone famous for failing to respond to emails), a really nice design for the current project of The Firm, and a guy who wants help with his website detailing angelic visions.

Also, we had a meeting at the church, which was probably the last thing I needed, but someone has to do it. We’re changing the time of the choir rehearsal. Our choir is becoming dangerously small. The director doesn’t see any problems, but I’m the only audible alto much of the time, and we have two very elderly tenors who can’t exactly carry their part strongly, and it’s just luck whether we have sopranos or not. The pastor is hoping that putting choir rehearsal during the time when there are kids’ programs and childcare will swell the ranks. I hope so.

Today there is a meeting at the college. I am not entirely sure that I’m going to go. I obviously ought to. However, I have websites to write and Dark Art stuff to do, and I haven’t yet gotten my online class up or my class lists printed out for roll-taking purposes (we’re required to take roll) or my syllabus updated or… well, I have a lot of work to do. Attending the meeting will take, counting the driving and actually getting properly dressed and all, several hours, and it’s not necessarily a very useful meeting. I mean, we don’t rehearse music or anything. Last time we had a presentation on dealing with ESL students in our writing classes. Since I taught ESL for a decade or two, this wasn’t new stuff for me.

On the other hand, it looks bad if you don’t go to these things. Hmmm. I guess I’ll see how much I can get done beforehand.






2 responses to “Fitting Things In”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    I should think you’d have enough “street cred” at the college by now to be able to miss a meeting, especially when part of the work you have to do is for your upcoming classes. There’s also the fact that there are whopping thunderstorms headed right at you at the moment, which will make driving tricky.

    Wishing you luck….

  2. fibermom Avatar

    @ozarque – 

    That might make a good excuse. I do have the highest student evaluations in the dept. for what that’s worth.