#2 son returned home from school even less excited than when he left, if that’s possible. He ended up in a marketing class, which he tells me is not a desirable class. It’s taught by a coach (he hastened to assure me that he didn’t mean to overgeneralize) and two of his classmates were chatting about what they’d been doing since they got out of jail. I still told him to watch for some tips for me.

The story of the hookworm eradication movement has some lessons for us when it comes to marketing, it seems to me.

I finished writing that encyclopedia article up yesterday, but it’s a bit over the word count, so I have to go back today and shear it of about 200 words. Minus however many words are in the bibliography. I am of course hoping that the bibliography will turn out to be about 200 words long, so that I can just send it off.

My new schedule worked out reasonably well. I got my morning exercise in, met both my deadlines and did my Dark Art Lite, and stopped working promptly at 5:00. Stopping working is not easy for me. So I have decided to walk the dog for transition. I put the computer to sleep and started dinner. Then came the difficult part.

You see, there are three dogs. They all want to go for walks. If I grab the leash, all three will come and swarm me, each explaining with high-pitched barks how he or she is the most deserving dog, the dog I really want to take for a walk.

In my mind, where I set up this schedule while driving on Saturday, I glossed over this part. I realized that having an end-of-workday ritual would help me actually end my workday. Both #2 son and my husband get home around 4:00, so I thought about quitting then and sitting down with them to discuss the day or something, but I don’t think I can stop work at 4:00 and have things finished. So I decided I’d work till 5:00, and then walk the dog so I’d actually be away from the computer and doing something different. Then I could return from the walk and cook dinner. Doesn’t that sound good? I think I might have imagined that my husband would also take a dog and we’d go for a walk together. This has never happened yet.

In fact, in order to take one dog for a walk, I usually have to subdue the others in some way, like shutting them up somewhere till I make it out  the house with one dog, and then I’m told the remaining dogs cry and carry on the whole time I’m gone.

Yesterday, I had just put chicken in the oven and rice in the rice machine, and I looked over and saw that Toby was lurking under the table, watching me. Toby is our stupid dog, but I tried to communicate with him anyway.

“Toby,” I said to him with glances and gestures, “run into the laundry room right now before the other dogs see you, and we’ll sneak out for a walk.”

It worked. He darted into the laundry room, where the leash hangs. I shut the door. Toby remained silent while I leashed him up and we slipped out the back.

He may be smarter than he looks.

When I got back, I ignored the computer and made a couple of salads. After dinner, I did some sewing.8

This is a pretty color of linen which is scheduled to become Vogue 8503.

I was imagining that this week, when I had only a little work scheduled, I would spend some time sewing and indeed take a bit of time off before starting classes and my new contract from Client #6, in the confident hope of which I am living.

That could still happen, though I got an email last night with a couple more assignments from Client #2. So I’m doing those today, and getting the hookworm wrapped up, and I also need to get my syllabus done and so forth.

Janalisa has offered to go shopping with me, too, when I finally gather up enough boldness to do that. She is very soignee, herself, so I think that between her assistance and squeezing in some sewing this week, I should be able to get to my classes and meetings fully clothed. I have a meeting up at the college tomorrow, in fact, and a meeting with Client #2’s new client, whose website I’ll be writing.

So, yep, everything is currently going according to plan.