I am not sure where Not Another Teen Knitting Book gets its title, because it is so obviously another teen knitting book. It is a cute one, though. It is set up like a high school yearbook, with a collection of patterns for “preppies,” “populars,” “goths,” “skaters,” etc. Also for prom, sports, and other events. The patterns include socks, hats, scarves, sweaters, wrist warmers, bags, and so on. A good assortment, all definitely for young people. There is basic how-to-knit information. I would not buy this for a teen wanting to learn to knit — I’d go with Teen Knitting Club, which strives to give new knitters the information they need to become good knitters.

But if I were looking for patterns that teens, especially girls, might wear, or looking for a book for a teen who already knits, this could be a good choice.

We sell both of these books in the store where I work. Yesterday the teachers were back in school and the end of the school day coincided with a storm of monsoon-like proportions, so I had a quiet day at work. I refreshed the store.

Usually, when I am moving things around, I try to create alluring vistas that will entice the visitor to continue around the store and see all the wonders therein, but yesterday I was too tired for that. I was just fluffing the product — that is, spreading things out to make it less obvious that we are sold out of all kinds of stuff.

There were still people coming in and being aghast that we were out of solid black border, but I am tired and subsisting on convenience foods and have developed a seemingly permanent pain in my neck and shoulders, so I just didn’t care.

I helped them, of course, and was pleasant to those who were pleasant to me, and I was relieved to be able to get some of the non-customer work done, but really, whether they ever got a two-line gradebook or not was a matter of complete indifference to me.

I bet that most of the people who are supposed to help us in public situations feel that way. I don’t, normally, so it hadn’t struck me before, but it makes a big difference.

Actually, #2 son has taken over the cooking of dinner — I swapped him, so I am cleaning the kitchen — and last night we had frozen ravioli with jarred sauce but fresh homemade focaccio, all of which was quite good. The kitchen also was cleaned, and I did get a little start on shoveling out the house yesterday morning. I went to bed early, and am feeling nearly normal today. If I continue cleaning instead of going to the gym for the rest of the week,  we should achieve something like normalcy. And I think I will have the weekend off.

So I may be more compassionate today.