Back to School is certainly different with just boys in the house. Daughters tell their parents about the classes, the books, the teachers, their classmates, the hairstyles and fashions, what everyone did over the summer. Sons grunt a few words. In fact, with #2 daughter gone back to college in another state, life has returned to the uncivilized state inevitably created by excess males.

The balance between male and female is essential for civilization. If the males outnumber the females, a fraternity house atmosphere will immediately reign. Meals at the table are a thing of the past. Indeed, if they can, the males will always eat things from cardboard. Cardboard is the closest they can get, in this modern world, to the preferred male method of eating things directly off the bone. They will sleep on the couch, possibly in their clothes. Sports and action films will be on the TV at all times. And of course at our house we actually have a trebuchet and a couple of longbows (they made them from branches).

I must admit right here that #2 son would condemn this as sexist. He would object to the stereotyping going on here, and point out the inaccuracy and unfairness of my claim. Then he would climb onto the roof to retrieve his arrows, and possibly leap off onto some unsuspecting passing brother. Said brother would immediately pummel him, and they would call each other by affectionate terms I cannot repeat.