Last night the Master Choral started up again. We’re singing Praetorius, the Bass Gloria, a few Bach chorales, and William Grant Still’s Christmas piece.  Good stuff.

I’m reading another of Mark Schweizer’s Liturgical Mysteries, The Baritone Wore Chiffon . There are some authors, like Edmund Crispin in his Holy Disorders, who make an effort to bring the reader into the somewhat rarified world of church musicians. Mark Schweizer makes no such attempt. I guess his books are read exclusively by organists and choral musicians. They’re really funny if you get all the inside jokes, though.

I think that tonight is the beginning of the Tuesday class, where we’ll be studying Isaiah, which I get with a complete sound track by Handel.

So I think I’ll have plenty of music this term.

Pink Hebe asked what the pink thing I’m knitting is supposed to be, and I tried to find a picture of what it’s supposed to end up looking like, but with no luck. I guess I’m the only one in blogland knitting right now. It’s a cardigan from Lacy Little Knits. It’s modeled in the book by two lovely older ladies having what appears to be a very fun lunch. If I finish it in time, I’ll wear it this fall for going out to lunch, and doubtless have the same amount of  fun.

That’s the plan.

Today I must try to interview the last doctor. it’s very hard to interview doctors — or, more correctly, to get hold of them so you can interview them. They have people paid to keep interviewers at bay. But they often have very interesting things to say if you can get to them. I’m also doing a complete SEO package for a national corporation with their head offices here in my county. And my online class. So I have plenty to do today.

I think a second cup of tea is called for.