My classes went well yesterday, I went to the gym, sat down to my pot roast leftovers bento box lunch, and still got back to my computer by noon. 

I got lots of stuff done in the afternoon, made chili and cornbread for dinner, and went with La Bella to the Master Chorale rehearsal. We’re singing Messiah, but we’re doing the whole thing. There are lots of bits that I’ve never done before, so it should be fun.

We have a new director. He’s from Purdue, and seems like a nice guy. It’s always interesting, when you start working with someone, to see how they communicate about sound.

We don’t have many very direct ways to talk about sounds, so people have to speak metaphorically a lot of the time. This guy has a couple of 6-measure sections that he wants sung with a straight tone, and he told us to make them like lasers.

I got home in time to watch “The Big Bang Theory” on TV. I didn’t do any needlework while watching it, just sat there. This is because Salt Peanuts, which ought to be my “pick up work,” still hasn’t been frogged back. I haven’t had the heart to yet.

I think I’ve mentioned before how fond I am of Hallowe’en quilts. Autumn quilts generally, I guess, but for some reason I really like quilts with pumpkins.

The Dutchman’s Puzzle I’m making is following the directions in a Jelly Rolls quilt book, but as I say, it looks quite wiggly without sashings, so I think I’m going to add some. I have a pattern for Dutchman’s Puzzle with contrasting sashing in Thimbleberries Quilting for Harvest, so I was admiring all the nice pumpkins in there.

I really like this table runner. I like the way the pumpkin is made from strips. In fact, I sort of look at this and think “Jelly Roll! Bali Pop!” (It occurs to me that non-quilters won’t know what I’m talking about here. These are names for collections of fabric you can buy where you get long strips of lots of different fabrics. It’s not as cheap as actually having a scrapbag and using it, but it’s way less expensive than using lots of fat quarters when you just need a little of each for the effect you want.)

Maybe next year.

The Keepsake Quilting fall catalog arrived, too, so I was admiring their fall quilts as well.

More Thimbleberries table runners in there.

These are fake — that is, they’re made from printed panels rather than pieced. 

I don’t usually like fake quilting. I’m not big on fake anything, actually. But these are quite pretty, aren’t they?

The Computer Guy launched one of our websites, only two weeks late, so that brings me to 13 hours of linkbuilding I have for him this week.

I’ve also got my people on retainer and my classes, so I’ve got plenty of billable work this week. I’m demonstrating this evening how to use a new website that launched a couple of weeks ago and has been confusing its users ever since. This makes two websites I’ve done with elderly people. I feel as though I’m getting knowledgeable about the special needs of this group, from the point of view of web design. I may write about that.

Right now I’m going to dress and have breakfast and stuff like that, since I’m trying to be disciplined about my schedule, and then I must go see whether my online class is doing anything.