Yesterday was a good day. I got my morning work done, did a workout DVD, had a good meeting with nice people, got my errands done, enjoyed a healthy lunch at the table, not at my computer, and then worked steadily at a fun and challenging task — I had the house to myself — till time to make a nice dinner for my family. After dinner I tidied the house, did my lessons for Psalms class, enjoyed The Daily Show, did some tutoring, and spent the rest of the evening with my husband. This morning I got up to find interesting new assignments in my mailbox.

#1 son came home from his first day of school with some interesting stories and a positive outlook, and I was able to give him the funds he needed to buy the rest of his books. #2 son even had a more positive outlook, allowing as how he thought he probably liked his physics teacher after all, and had enjoyed the class discussions in spite of himself. I got him a cup that said, “A positive outlook may not solve all your problems, but it will irritate enough people to make it worth the effort.” This is because he has, all his life, been known for his sunny disposition and enthusiasm about everything, but it’s been slipping lately. Yesterday we saw more of the old #2 son peeking through the new nearly-17 coolness. Both my daughters are also embarking on new adventures in their lives.

How boring is that?

Seriously, when you think it’s dull to write about your problems all the time, just consider how dull it is to write about how well everything’s going and how much fun you’re having.

Not only can this be boring, it can also make you unpopular. There are people who feel that good fortune is a zero-sum game, and if someone else is doing well, then they must be using up too much of the available happiness and leaving too little for other people. There are even people who feel this way about their own lives: if everything is going well right now, then they must be using up too much of the happiness available to them and will at any moment face some calamity.

I’m driving up to the Next County today for my first day of class. I have a plan. My syllabus printed out reasonably well (my printer has become unreliable, so that wasn’t a foregone conclusion). I still can’t get into my campus email, but I plan to leave early enough to spend some time with the IT guys. I resisted the temptation to make a PowerPoint.

Possibly something will happen today that will make my blog more interesting tomorrow. But I hope not too interesting.