I have begun the first Wool-ease sock. I also found a nice online pattern for just such a sock, with a leaf lace, and got started on it. But, after a few rounds of knitting while saying to myself  “yarn over knit one slip knit passover knit two together yarn over…” , I remembered the inspirational words of a knitting blogger named Claudia: http://www.bolgenlaw.com/2004_07_01_blogarchive.htm

“There are some knitters who knit socks as experiments in creativity. …I am not one of them. Give me five bamboo double points, a ribbing-less picot edge, and a short-row heel and toe. A clam could not be happier than moi.” And in response to those who would suggest that this is not creative, she says, “Hey. I’ve got a huge drawerful of warm, colorful, perfectly-fitting socks for winter. How about you?”

Accordingly, I frogged the lace rows and got going on a nice, ordinary sock. It has been years since I made any, so I will enjoy doing a plain one. I’ll do the lace on the next pair.

I inadvertently discovered that “frogging” is used in some circles as a swear word. As in Father Ted they say “fecking” and my kids say “freaking” until they get in trouble for it. I believe it was Tallulah Bankhead who, upon meeting Truman Capote, said, “Oh, you’re the young man who doesn’t know how to spell f**ing.” So, just in case any Gentle Reader is unfamiliar with the term, I think I had better explain that “frogging” means to tear out the stitches of knitting. I understand that the origin of the phrase is that you “rip it, rip it.”