This is a statue from our trip to the Big City. We’ve been back for a while, but I thought you’d enjoy it.

One of the jobs I got while in the Big City is currently in progress. I’m writing about a guy who does Pressure Point Knockouts. In the course of this, I’ve watched a whole bunch of videos of this fighting technique, though I still don’t know how to do it.

It reminds me of fainting goats. This guy goes calmly up to people, touches them with no apparent effort, and they go down like a sack of bricks.

The guy’s expression never even changes.

I’ve done him a bunch of marketing pieces and he likes them, so today I’ll finish up with his sales pages.

Then I’ll finish up the underwear catalog guy, after which I’ll be moving on to an outfitter.

#1 daughter is, meanwhile, clearing up all the other sites that aren’t finished yet because the designer’s not through, or more frequently because we’re waiting on the client. She’s also trying to keep up with the people who’ve asked for proposals and not followed up with us, and the many people who haven’t paid us.

If you have a salaried job and sometimes yearn for the American Dream of owning your own business, do keep in mind the unpleasantness of collections. We went online to see whether there was any good advice out there, and found some suggestions, most of which we are already doing. We also found the story of a designer who calmly explained that he was going to sit out in the lobby until he was paid, removing one article of clothing at a time and, when he had no more to remove, sitting naked in their lobby till they cut his check.

He admitted that this wouldn’t work as well for a woman.

Here is a new piece of knitting. Not because I’ve finished the Flying Diagonals cardigan, which I haven’t, but because I was traveling and needed something without shaping. We’ll see what happens with it.

I have gotten back to trying to work normal working hours, so last night I knocked off at a reasonable time (#1 daughter and I have agreed that 8-6 is reasonable) and knitted and read Sophie Green on my Kindle. I like the Sophie Green books, of which Ugley Business, the current one, is the second. Sophie has accidentally become a spy, as so often happens in real life, and while she has no training of any kind, barrels on ahead through her various adventures with courage and verve. She reminds me of #2 daughter a little bit, for some reason.

I think that #2 daughter would like to learn Pressure Point Knockouts so she could fell grown men with a single casual blow.