We had a new piece for the Chorale last night: A Musicological Journey Through the 12 Days of Christmas. How funny this piece is may depend on how knowledgeable you are about music history. It starts with Gregorian chant about the partridge in the pear tree, moves on through Renaissance arrangement about other birds, brings in some Valkyries for the eighth day, and finishes up with the twelfth day according to Sousa. Some of the pieces are very pretty, it seems to me, though Wagner and Tchaikowsky seemed pretty hilarious. Maybe if I were more knowledgeable I’d be snorting with laughter over the Brahms style and the 19th century French, too.

I got home to find a request to sing “O Master Let Me Walk With Thee,” to the tune of deTar at the Presbyterian church this Sunday and agreed, so I guess I’m going to shift. I’ll still do the early service with the Methodists.

I was also invited to a special thing with Google. When #2 son gets this sort of invitation, he scoffs and says that everyone gets those and it’s no big deal, but I think maybe it is a big deal. This is actually the second thing of its kind that I’ve been invited to in the past week; the first one is a secret (not Google’s secret — I have a NDA with them) and has a small payment attached to it. I think maybe this suggests that I have a promising website. #2 daughter was also invited to swap posts with a PR7 site, on the strength of her videos at FreshPlans. #1 daughter thinks we should be looking for grants.