Tuesday August 4, 2009

Yesterday I had a meeting at the college where I teach. It was an annual evaluation, since I’ve been there for a year, and it went smoothly. The guy I met with has lots of experience with teaching online and had useful suggestions for me, and of course it was fun to hang out in the hallway talking about what we did on our summer vacations.

On the way back, #1 daughter and I stopped off for brunch and a conversation about her Five Year Plan. We have a group Five Year Plan, and I knew about #2’s Five Year Plan, but I wondered about #1’s. I want to make sure that our business plan works for everyone.

Back to the house, then, where I had three articles to write before an afternoon meeting with a designer. The meeting was fun, and I feel optimistic about the website we were meeting about. I have four sites about to launch, and I’m hoping they’ll go neatly, one a week. We’re meeting today with a prospective new client, and #1 is supposed to contact all the various prospective clients I haven’t had time to get back with, and fill up the calendar for August and September.

Ah, yes, the articles. What with assorted interruptions, they didn’t all get done before the meeting, so I had to come back after the meeting and work some more. I also had payment issues of various kinds. And loud boys wrestling all over the place. And it was too hot. I didn’t finish till 9:00.

Really, by the end of the evening I was feeling somewhat cross.

I’m over it now.






2 responses to “Tuesday August 4, 2009”

  1. CanadianNational Avatar

    3 articles in one afternoon? It took me 3 months to write one. GADS. You got them done that night? Dang. Envious, is me.

  2. fibermom Avatar

    @CanadianNational – 

    It’s not that I have some special gift or something. The difference is that I get paid. By the hour, in fact, so I can’t mess around. It’s my job, so I have to do it.