I met my deadlines yesterday, and signed a recruit (with some trepidation, since I don’t know what I’m doing there), and accepted a part-time teaching job (with no trepidation at all, oddly enough — she must have just called me at the right moment), and helped #1 son pick his classes and #2 son get a proper grownup cell phone with a Plan instead of the pay-ahead one he’s been using.

#2 son also got a phone call on my cell phone. It was a grown man asking for him by a logical nickname, but not one that he actually uses. I passed the phone over. The man asked him a bunch of probing questions, including his height and weight, and said he wanted to meet up with him. #2 son, who is 16, said he was heading out with his mom, and the man said, “Oh, cr**, your mom’s coming along?”

The man in question was a Marine recruiter.

Sounds like a dangerous pedophile, right? Our government should work on that. It creeped us out.

We’re letting our lettuce go to seed. It looks cool.7

The garden is going to wrack and ruin, though. This is not good.

However, it is usual for August. August is usually sort of nightmarish chez fibermom. This year, I’m not really participating in Back to School, though. True, I’m doing a teacher workshop this week and I’ll be teaching again, but the whole frantic Back to School shopping thing is going on without me. Not only am I not working in a teacher store this year, I’m not even going back to school shopping at all.

My boys said they can buy their own clothes if they need some, and I ordered #1 son a planner online from Franklin Covey, so BTS is just something other people are doing.

If you hear me whining about being too busy, remind me of that.

Actually, I feel busy, but not too busy. I waver between thinking I should be trying to fill up my calendar in case Client #6 doesn’t send me a new contract, and thinking that I had better not fill up my calendar in case Client #6 sends me a new contract. In the meantime, I’m busy.

Today I have no appointments at all. The gym is on my list, and I have three web sites to write content for and two blog posts (not counting this one), and preparation for the upcoming workshop. This is at least 10 hours’ work, so it may not all get finished today. Tomorrow is full of appointments, though, and so is Thursday, and I’ve got one on Friday as well, so today needs to be a full writing day. And that doesn’t even include the hookworm eradication article.

The garden will just have to take care of itself.

If I had time to knit, and didn’t already have a few WIPs, I would knit these.