I think of myself as a lucky person in general. I have very few problems. I have some stress in my life, as who does not, but mine is almost always about either time or money. Right now, both. I once read, and always keep in mind as much as possible, that any problem that can be solved with money is not a problem. And time crunch isn’t really a problem at all. It’s stressful, but by its very nature it isn’t permanent. Einstein said that time was God’s way of making sure things didn’t all happen as once, and that system generally works, even if there are little spells when it seems not to.

However, I can’t deny that I am currently experiencing more stress than is necessarily good for me. So I thought I would check the advice out there on stress management.

I must report that there don’t seem to be any new developments in this area since the last time I looked.

The experts recommend that you not take up negative responses to stress such as substance abuse, procrastination, overeating, or avoidance of problems. They think you should instead go for exercise, relaxation, time management, and a balanced life. Avoid arguing with people, read, take baths, eat wholesome meals, practice a hobby.

I sometimes think that I could respond better to stress if I had better, nobler problems. Rising expenses and tuition or 54-hour work weeks seem tiresome. Teenagers who eat like locusts so we run out of food early in the week is almost sordid as a problem. How can I expect to show patient fortitude when my problems are so dull and petty?

Surely, given a really good problem, I could be like Joan of Arc.

I think I had better quit ruminating on this. I do not really want any good problems. Or any new problems, for that matter. I had three new ones arise yesterday. #2 son said, “Why do these things always come in groups?”

Maybe they don’t. It is just that we don’t notice them unless they come in clumps.

We are very busy at work, which is really good. But the experts always point out that sources of stress don’t have to be negative.

Time for a wholesome breakfast.