Tuesday December 15, 2009

The song for today is “Love Came Down at Christmas,” a sweet song by Christina Rossetti, who also wrote “In the Bleak Midwinter.Jars of Clay has recorded both of these songs (here’s “Bleak”) and lots of people have recorded “In the Bleak Midwinter.” You can get sheet music for several different instruments and hear it played on various things, or have a guitar arrangement.

Rossetti also wrote a poem called “A Christmas Carol,” but I haven’t found any tune for it. Still, the two with tunes give you a sweet and happy one or a haunting, touching one. That ought to cover whichever mood you’re in today.

I gave a final yesterday, had a couple of new job inquiries, received a check and ordered some Christmas gifts (and today is about the last day you can do that without paying extra rush fees), graded papers, spent some time with #1 son, and wrote some stuff. I finished the Monday reports for the Northerners at 11:04 last night. I am therefore tired this morning, but I have a whole bunch of interesting work to do, so I shall have some tea and wake up.

At some point, I need to finish my Christmas preparations. I have cards to address, stamp, and mail, stuff to bake, cleaning and decorating to do, gifts to wrap… I think these are all fun things. I also need to get the office/#2 son’s bedroom cleared up for him, since he will be arriving tomorrow.

In the choir room on Sunday, the women were going through the annual recitations of holiday overload:

“I finished decorating, went to the Circle meeting, and then went home and baked nine dozen cookies and graded papers,” they say.

“Oh, I know! I made a dozen fruitcakes and took them to the women’s shelter and then I picked up the local grandkids to go visit Santa and this afternoon I’m leaving to see the grandkids in Dallas and then on Tuesday I have the open house.”

SPOB  continues to have interesting discussions. We’ve run through immediate thoughts on space and motion, and now are ready to move on to time. We’ve been talking about how the impossibility of establishing absolute locations — what with the fact that we’re all whizzing about it space on so many levels — has no real effect on our daily lives. It could be, though, that relativity will with careful study unpack some extra moments for wrapping and baking.

In any case, today is the 15th, my personal deadline for shopping. In fact, it is my custom not to enter stores at all from the 15th through New Year, except for the occasional unavoidable sneaking into a grocery for milk or something. So I guess I had better hit the grocery store today for a final time.

I’m writing today about file replication, and about Sondheim’s Into the Woods. And grading papers. It’ll be fun.






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  1. ozarque Avatar

    Three cheers for “a couple of new job inquiries” and “received a check”!