Today I’m going up to the Next County to give my final exam and sign my Employee Memo, and that with any luck will be the last time I make that drive this year.

I’m also meeting with a web designer. We’re meeting at the public library, which may be all the rage among the Young Folk, for all I know. He suggested it. I told my daughter, my line of work would be a good one for meeting men, were I young and single. She suggested that her line of work is a good one for meeting men, but of course they’re all a) impoverished musicians, b) neurotic, or c) both. Computer guys, on the other hand, are nearly all young men in their twenties with no girlfriends, and yet they are a) solvent and indeed often prosperous or potentially so, and b) sane. I rather think the one I’m meeting today is handsome, but I have reached the age at which all young people look alike, so this may not be true. I’m just hoping that I have enough of a recollection of how this guy looks that I won’t have to approach lots of young men in the public library.

Though, if I were a young single girl, I could go up to all the handsome men there and say, “I’m meeting a guy here and I just remember that he’s handsome — is it you?” and perhaps collect phone numbers from a bunch of handsome literate men. And now I’m thinking that possibly eligible young men do not in fact hang out in the library much on weekday afternoons, so my notion of the library serving as a smorgasbord of cute guys may not be realistic. Scriveling would know.

In fact, as I recall, young single women don’t have any trouble meeting men anyway, but rather have trouble avoiding them, so I guess I have to take back the whole concept. If I come up with a good way for young single men to meet women without having to hang out in the public library on the off-chance, I’ll let you know.

I have an article on selling crafts online up at my marketing blog, and a lot of you helped me with it, for which many thanks. I thought about listing and linking all the people who helped me, but the list had gotten so long that it seemed impossible. It also is just a bare beginning of writing about all the topics that arose. If you care to go over and ask questions, then I’ll know what to write next from the enormous fund of info on the subject that I now have. If you want a link, let me know and I’ll use you as an example.

There is also over there an image I made with my Corel photo software. I have a couple of assignments requiring these skills, so I figure I should learn how to use it properly. Not that the image in question represents using it properly. I just did random stuff till I thought it looked kind of cool. Next I’ll do tutorials or read the book or something surprising like that. It would be easier if it were Adobe, since I’ve edited a bunch of tutorials on that, but who said things should be easy? The skilled among you can go over and laugh at it. My feelings won’t be hurt.

The song for today is “Gabriel’s Message,” which I’ll be singing in church on Christmas Eve. This was recorded by Sting, so it’s more well-known than your average Basque carol, but the tune is old and the words were written by Sabine Baring-Gould, whom you may remember as an expert on werewolves. You can hear a choir singing it here. It’s a good song. You could play it with a string quartet, or sing it with percussion, which is I think what I’m doing. I haven’t seen the music yet, though.

I’m seriously thinking about going back to bed. This never really works, of course. It is now only a few minutes till time to get up, after all, and if I go back to sleep now I’ll just oversleep and be groggy anyway.