Christmas for Cowboys” is some kind of special genre: Christmas cowboy songs. Lyrics and guitar tab. If you don’t like classical music, or pop music, or folk music, or you want something really different to sing, or perhaps you plan to go to a party tonight and get drunk enough to sing stupid songs, then this song might save you from “Percy the Puny Poinsettia.” John Denver recorded it.

I tried to get the choirlet to sing this with me around the piano, because I got the words to this and many more holiday peculiarities at a yard sale last summer in the form of a Reader’s Digest Christmas Song Book. They wouldn’t cooperate. These ladies will wear bobbly antennae on their heads in public, give each other risque birthday cards, will sing “Oscillating Fan,” and have never yet shown any signs of excessively refined taste, yet they turned up their noses at this song. What can I say? It’s still the song of the day.

If you simply can’t stand it, I offer you an alternate: “The Wind Through the Olive Trees,” This song is simple, elegant, and reverent. Is it as much fun to sing as “Christmas for Cowboys”? Depends on your mood.

Honestly, I’m not in a great mood today, because I have to drive to the Next County to sign my contract for spring. I don’t really have the time, I hate driving on the freeway (though it’s good for me to do so now and again, isn’t it?), and I have Amazon Vine at 2:00.

Also, my husband is in his annual car-buying mood. I don’t know why, but every year or so at Christmas time he decides that he wants to buy a new car. We haven’t finished paying off the cars we have, not to mention tuition (and I still haven’t gathered the funds to get my dental work done) so I don’t even want to hear about it. But he offered to go with me today so he could visit his favorite car lot, which is in the Next County. So I may have a quarrel and sulking (him if I win, me if he wins) in the forecast for today, as well.

I finished the fourth unit for the Arts Center yesterday, picked up another small job which I hope to complete today, and got a bit ahead on the blogs. I hope to get to the point today at which I can stop working tomorrow about noon and not start up again till after Christmas.