images  I have gotten about six inches into the second sleeve, and am up early not just for Santa duties, but also in a probably vain hope of finishing the sweater so that #2 son can wear it to his grandparents’ house today.

In addition to knitting yesterday, we mostly played games. A forthcoming PS2 game arrived from Amazon’s review program, just at the point of the day when the kids were getting tired of waiting and beginning to revert to their childhoods. The game was called “Jungle Buzz,” and it was quite fun. Rapid-fire short games come up at random, so that at one moment you’ll be trying to match colors at high speed and the next you’re jumping out of the way of obstacles while sliding down a vine. Lots of visual puzzles, speed drills, and coordination. There is also a game in which monkeys administer shocks to one another, but the less said about that one the better.

It was good to see my teens and twenties shouting in hilarity as they played with monkeys and 027

We had mad excess in the feast, as is proper for Christmas Eve. It was madder than usual, because the boys went to collect the good things we had ordered and then, in the words of #2 son, headed for the grocery store and “bought $50 worth of salt and sugar.” There were no fruits or vegetables of any description on the table.

Having enjoyed round one of the feast, #2 daughter and I went to church, which was uplifting. The music was somewhat uneven. The resident country western star sang an appalling ditty about Santa Claus adopting an orphan girl. Songs like this do not, in my opinion, belong in church. I am not sure where they do belong, but it ought at least to be among consenting adults in a secular setting. I assume that there were many who enjoyed the song; in fact, the baritone up in the choir loft with me, who had just sung “O Holy Night” very beautifully, exclaimed “Yee-ha!” at the end of the song, so I may have been the only one thinking it was tasteless and inappropriate.

However, there were plenty of fine hymns, and a saxophone solo, and a good brief sermon, and many shouts of “Merry Christmas!”

We came home feeling very jolly and opened presents. This revealed still more games, and the kids were playing them long after I went to bed.

I got presents, too! This doesn’t happen every year, but this year my children gave me lovely things, including a musical electronic picture frame which I must learn how to operate, a beautiful tea set, and a really snazzy handmade T shirt for the gym. The boys made shirts from #1 son’s drawings, and they are extremely cool. I will get pictures at some point.

At the moment, I must return to the knitting.