cinnamon rolls I hope you had as nice a Christmas day as we did.

We started with stockings, Santa presents, and homemade sweet rolls.

Then we hung around looking at one another’s books, playing Settlers IV (from my sister’s family) and watching Demetri Martin.

We headed over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house for lunch, and got there in record time since #2 daughter was driving. We were grateful to her for driving, especially since that meant we got to listen to John Legend and Sam Cooke in the car. My car does not have a CD player.

crochet toy At the grandparents’ house there was more feasting, talk, and more presents — including this crocheted creature that my mother made.

Once we got home, we called #1 daughter, who was moping around her house while her husband spent yet another holiday on the submarine. Not fun.

We all refused to go car shopping with my husband, who does not understand Christmas. It is possible that I pointed out that he had refused to assist with any of the Christmas shopping, so it was a bit much for him to think I would go car shopping with him. But that was unnecessary. The kids and I once got dragged around car lots on New Year’s Eve, and I do not intend to let that happen again.

Random additional feasting took place, and games, and reading while all bundled up on the couch, and listening to the new CDs (with #1 son occasionally leaping over to the computer to bypass some rude song). At one point in the evening, #2 son said, “It may be just me, but I find it difficult to crawl in push-up position.”

#2 daughter and I were at opposite ends of the couch, sharing the Santa Claus quilt, as he passed, attempting this feat.

“You mean like the Grinch in the cartoon?” she asked, catching on more quickly than I did.

I was still wrestling with the “it may just be me” part.

#2 daughter captured my feelings exactly by saying, “The world is filled with people who have never even thought of trying that.”

The evening ended with a rollicking game of Oxford Dilemma. I have such a fun family.

It is the Feast of Stephen today, so the song for the day has to be “Good King Wenceslas.” The song commemorates a kind deed by the 10th century Duke of Bohemia. The Duke was a good guy by all accounts, though Terry Pratchett has reinterpreted the episode from the carol in his book Hogfather. The tune is from the 12th century, and you already know it, so you could sing it while you clean up from your celebrations. Here are the lyrics to Elvis Costello’s “St. Stephens Day Murders,” which is all about having eaten and drunk too much and had a horrible time with hated family and then murdering them. Or something like that. In any case, this pair of songs should cover whatever mood you are in.

I normally work on the 26th, although there are not normally any customers. People who shop on the 26th are either returning things or looking for sales. We do not have post-Christmas sales, and we do not want people to return things, so some years we just stay closed on that day. Since #2 daughter will be here till after lunch, I am very thankful that this is one of those years.

Our plan is for everyone to pitch in for a few minutes and tidy up, and then to put on new videos and play with #2 daughter’s new sewing machine (the girls) and the new video games (the boys). The turkey will be reheated for lunch with fresh side dishes, we will will pack #2 daughter’s car as full as possible of a) presents and goodies and b) stuff #2 son wants her to get out of what is now his bedroom though it used to be hers, and then we can sink into cheerful torpor for the rest of the day. #2 daughter and I will be going back to work tomorrow, but the guys are all off till next week.

Maybe they will go car shopping.