I got a new assignment yesterday, and another new one today. I’m about 16% through with the current arts center lessons, but I had hoped to finish them this week. While it is good that I continue to be busy, it looks as though that idea I had of getting all my filing done and closing out my books and so forth is not realistic.

I’m trying, in the whole area of health and wellness, to spend this week working out morning and evening routines that will allow me to get to my 7:30 class dressed like a grown up, eat proper breakfast and lunches, and get enough exercise to keep me from turning into a hopeless tech guy and/or decrepit old lady. I read a survey that said that among all British workers — and I think they have stuff like coal mining over there — tech guys are the least healthy.

I remember last year reading that U.S. tech guys turned out, in a study, to have problems with their backs and eyes, broken body clocks, rotten eating habits, no exercise, and terrible “sleep hygiene” which sounds pretty serious somehow. Not to mention dressing like schlubs and having the grooming of a bunch of terrorists. I resolved then to move away from the tech guy lifestyle into which I was descending. I failed.

So I’m trying again for 2010. It isn’t 2010 yet, but I’m working on a proper schedule with sleeping, meals, dressing, and stuff. This seems to be the right starting point. I’m also working out some clear goals. So far, I’ve been sleeping about 7 hours a night and doing my Wii Fit workout every morning, and yesterday I had reasonably balanced meals. True, I also ate Christmas goodies in front of the TV set, but it is still Christmas, strictly speaking.

If you’re thinking about goals for the new year, check out “Goal Setting for Creatives.” I like the author’s attitude, and I found her book very useful, even though I am one of the Franklin Covey crowd she mentions.

Today’s song is “Once in Royal David’s City,” which is perfect for humming sotto voce while you clean out your files or figure out your New Year’s Resolutions. The words are a little bit soppy, since it was written for small children in 1848 by a clergyman’s wife, but they are about being good, which is a good start for those resolutions and goals. The tune, written the following year, is very pretty indeed. If you’ve got a boy soprano on hand, this is the perfect song for him, and it would be nice on violin or penny whistle, too.