Yesterday was a nice day. I taught for a couple of hours, searched fruitlessly but enjoyably for some sheet music I need, did blogging and responses to emails, a couple of hours of strategery for the Northerners, a couple of hours of writing for the Arts Center, a review of an interesting article for the Encyclopedia, a couple of hours for my regulars. Eight hours on Toggl, plus the teaching, so not an unreasonable amount of work, and it was all interesting.

In the evening, I watched Big BangTheory with #1 son (a quick overview of physics began with “It’s a summer evening in Ancient Greece”) and read for a bit.

An enormous number of things went undone, including going to the gym, but it was a pleasant, normal day.

Today’s song is “Carol of the Birds.” This is a haunting melody, which depends on phrasing for much of its beauty. The link back there is to a solo guitar version. You can hear the UCLA Madrigal Singers singing it, or you might prefer the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I like Kathleen Battle’s performance best, with Joan Baez a close second.

Here are the words, so you can sing it today. Be sure to be very dramatic about it. If you can get a guitar or cello, that would be best. A rose in the teeth is optional.

This is an Andalusian carol, and there are lots of translations. There are also lots of other songs with the same name. One is a French tune, and I am going to link here to an extremely weird recording of it composed of birdsong. That’s a nice one, too, but not so dramatic.