I did the best faking up of the portfolio that I could yesterday, completed a rewrite of a website, did a couple of holiday errands along the way, and visited the web design class. All fun. Not enough to make much of a dent in my projects list. And I received work-related 12 emails at the rate of about one every 2.3 minutes from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

It struck me, as I walked to the class, that my feeling of being slightly overwhelmed might be due to the fact that the human brain can only think of about nine things at the same time. As long as I had only eight active clients most of the time, I could keep them all in mind. Now that I have more than nine, I have these horrible moments of thinking, “Eeek! I haven’t even asked so and so if he needs his blog updated!” or “Horrors! The second Thursday of the month approaches!”

So I affixed a marker board to my wall to keep track. This way, I know I won’t forget anybody, and I can quit worrying about it.

It also struck me, as I was talking to the prof of the web design class, who is also feeling a bit swamped, that everyone I’m working with is reaching the end of the year, where, as the prof put it, things get stacked up. You have all these things that you plan to get done before the end of the year, which seems a long way off until December hits, and then it’s a bit of a shock. Like little children walking in a line. They get to the end of the trail, and the line leader stops, and the rest keep walking and just pile up into one another, and then they fall down and cry.

I’m trying to avoid falling down and crying.

If I can maintain this pace, I’ll be able to pay the rest of #1 son’s tuition.

Today is the last day of class (final next week) and then I have three articles to do for the finance/ tech guy. The Computer Guy pointed out yesterday that learning new stuff isn’t billable. But I’d like to spend more of my non-billable hours learning new stuff, so I’m embracing the opportunity. The finance/tech guy wants these articles to be fun, too, so I will not only be increasing my knowledge of the world of finance, but I will be imparting to it a degree of antic humor. That’s got to be a fun way to spend an afternoon, right?

I’m hoping that I can, before or behind or between these two big parts of the day, get the encyclopedia aticle written, or the professional journal blog post due at noon on Thursday, or the weekly hour for my Aussies. I’m expecting “five or ten” articles to do for a web designer in Michigan or Minnesota or some cold M place like that tomorrow, and would like to have some space for the job.

So I have two songs for today. First, a sweet little folk song, “Wind Through the Olive Trees.” This is an easy, peaceful tune. You can teach it to your kids, or hum it in a calming manner throughout the day. Hear it on piano here, and you can dance around to it gently while listening. This will make your day seem calmer and more peaceful, even if it’s sort of busy.

On the other hand, you might not want a peaceful song, for fear of falling asleep and not getting anything crossed off your to-do list. In that case, try Followers of the Lamb. I think of this song as “Christmas on the Pirate Ship.” You can hum this under your breath, if perchance you aren’t on a pirate ship, and let it speed you through your day. If you are on a pirate ship, I suppose you would break out the tankards of grog and sign it out lustily. Entirely up to you.