I was chosen as a reviewer for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, which I think will be like a mix of reviewing books and grading papers. I’ve been on Amazon’s Will Work For Books list for a couple of years now, but this gig is being rewarded with a Kindle, the only piece of hardware for which I’ve had a truly irrational yen.

You’re remembering my desire for a Bamboo drawing pad, but that was just a fleeting fancy. Equally irrational, of course.

I could work for the same amount of time and buy myself a Kindle, but you see I wouldn’t. I would buy something dull and tiresome like electricity or tires or something like that.

So I get to read 400 pages of amateur fiction, and that ought to be fun.

I was up at The Computer Guy’s yesterday after class. His markerboard is full of projects, and the ones I’m involved in have green squares by them. There were about eight green squares. Projects I’d forgotten about have come through, and new ones I didn’t know about, and I’ve got them out on my calendar. We had fun figuring out how to approach some websites, and then the client arrived.

She’s a nice woman. She had shredded up the broken trees at her place, she and her 77 year old mother. She had scrapes and bruises all over her arms, since feeding tree limbs into a shredder is rough work. Not really relevant, either to yesterday’s meeting or to today’s post, but it’s just yet another of the lingering effects of the ice storm.

Anyway, she told us that 15% of the population will be incarcerated at some point during their lives.

I was absolutely amazed.

Then I wrote a website for another British company. The CEO called me on the phone. We get more transatlantic calls than most, and I guess nowadays it’s not a big deal, but it was still kind of cool to be talking to someone across the world. He had such a cute accent, too. We were talking about whether the multiple landing pages would be navigationally linked, which may not be that enthralling a topic, but imagine discussing that topic with Hugh Grant. See, isn’t that much cuter than just discussing it across the table with The Computer Guy?

Today I have a meeting with the web design teacher I worked with some last fall. We’re doing a redesign of the site of a regular client of mine. I think it’ll be fun to work with a new designer in physical space. That’s rare for me.

Hmm…. the cuteness of the transatlantic phone call or the coolness of working with people all around the world vs. the fun of actually being in the same room with someone and working on a project together. Hard to choose.

The client yesterday emailed me after the meeting that “the feeling around the table was just what I like in a development meeting.” I guess I can miss that around the table feeling.

Another thing I’m doing today is working on that book proposal. The editor actually emailed me and said what about it? so I guess we’d better get busy. We’ve used Google Docs, phone, email, and IM. I don’t know how we’ll do it today.

Ah — just got an IM. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go!