Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pecan caramel rolls will be taking place shortly, and the table is already properly covered with heart-decorated things and candy.

My husband greeted me this morning with “Happy Valentines Day! What are you going to give me?” Fortunately, I had already received a really charming e-valentine card from my friend La Bella, so I did not feel the need to point out to him that he had it backwards. Yes, I know that’s sexist.

Local papers have been bristling with articles about how not to feel sad on Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a valentine, but I think we should all continue to celebrate this day as we did when we were children — give valentines to all your friends, and eat candy.

I am about to go send e-valentines to people but first I went and looked at my site meter. I put one on my xanga at the beginning of the year.

It was Spinner Mom who inspired me to try a site meter. She said it was fascinating, and indeed it can be. I go now and then and see that someone from the Czech Republic has visited and think “Ooh! How cool!”

This time, however, I saw referrals from Google. I think I was invisible to Google before, and I don’t know what changed this. But it is interesting to see what searches lead people to me. I think that the depraved person who found me by searching for “knitting sluts” ended up at a reflection on the unhappiness caused by the sexual irresponsibility of the women in “Sex and the City,” and I hope he took it to heart. But I am a little sorry for the person who was searching for “chlorophyll in negative numbers.” I often write about math and science, but I am aware that I don’t say much on these subjects which is actually useful.

Here are some thoughts on modular knitting which may be useful if you are considering trying out this method. You can do it all with just a knit stitch, if you want to, and still get some texture. You can use just one color in a row and get some color action. The multidirectionality makes it hard to read while you do this type of knitting, but it does give it shape without much calculation. You need to be able to increase and decrease, and accuracy is a plus.

In the particular pattern that I am using, there is an A section and a B section. The B section makes perfect sense to me and I can do it without any suffering, but the A section is still a matter of carefully following the “K1, K1inc, K5, turn, s1, K4, K1inc…” Once I get to where I actually understand the A section, I am sure that the experience will be greatly improved. Note that I am assuming that I will be enlightened about the A section at some point, though I have been knitting it for four days with no dawning of comprehension.

Today I will have no knitting time at all. So it may be that tomorrow I will return to it refreshed, and the true inwardness of the A section will reveal itself to me in a blinding flash of light. Or not.