No doubt you are wondering what happened to the meat blob. It turns out that cloned meat is not something that will happen soon. Another option that also probably won’t happen soon is the food pill. The size of the molecules for fats and proteins make it impractical, but the book Taste of Tomorrowgoes into both conventional food pill technology and the nanotechnology that may make it possible eventually.

Would you want to give up food entirely? If you could be kept alive with nano-sized radioactive robots implanted in your body, would you do it?

Before you agree, think seriously about strawberries and cream.

The more likely future possibility is African food.

I finished the book last night and this morning (still getting up at 4:00) I spent an hour or two grading papers, did some social media and blogging for clients, and headed off for a meeting. #1 daughter and I had a lunch meeting, then I had a phone meeting, and skype and IM and emails and stuff at the same time.

It was too much. While I can now stand three meetings in a week, three in a day is too much, even if one of them is with my beloved daughter. Maybe also a 14 hour workday is too much.

I then had more blogging and more grading to do, but I didn’t finish it. I was tired and stressed and bad tempered, I’m sorry to say. My husband had made dinner for me, bless him, and I watched TV and sulked.

I feel better now. I’m going to bed, though.