I made it down to the Next County to the South and back safely, mostly because my husband drove me. We left at 4:00 and returned at 8:00. During that time there were two hours of pleasant interaction as I explained online copywriting to a marketing class, and two hours of terror as I traveled in complete safety there and back.

It’s so stupid. But there it is. The road in question is just filled with the most frightening sort of overpasses.

Before I left for that, I had class, did my Monday reports, and then worked on a site rewrite. I got my usual couple of new job leads. One was from a new art museum opening soon in the Next County to the North. I am now able to drive to that Next County myself, and in fact I do so every Friday to teach, so I am able to be completely excited about the idea that they’re interested in me for their job without any admixture of fear in case they want me to come up there for meetings.

They also asked me to recommend a designer, so I checked with the Computer Guy before suggesting him. He assured me that he wouldn’t get the job. “They just want to have three bids,” he said, and I do know what he means. We’ll see.

The other one was from a guy who wants to make an ecommerce site for men’s underwear and accessories. I now know that it is possible to buy padded shorts, just like padded bras. Seems kind of tacky, but I guess it depends on the circles you travel in.

I’m thinking of throwing that one directly to the Computer Guy.